The Mersenneary E-book presented by HUSNG

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The Mersenneary E-book presented by HUSNG

~4.17 МБ [4 374 105 байт]
Год издания: 2011
Название: The Mersenneary E-book
Автор: Mersenneary
Foundations: (6)
1. How to Think About Expectation in Poker
2. Studying that Helps, and Studying that Wastes Your Time
3. Meaningful and Meaningless Errors
4. Game Theory Optimal and Exploitative Play
5. Bayesian Inferences and Developing Information
6. ABC Heads Up Poker - Setting Up A Good Default Strategy to Win From the First Hand
Frequencies: (9)
7. How and When to 3-Bet Light
8. Sizing your 3-Bets based on Hand, Opponent, and Stack Depth
9. How to Adjust Against Players with a High 3-bet percentage
10. How and When to Check/Raise the Flop Light
11. The Fundamentals of Barrelling
12. Readless Ranges: What to do 20bb Deep from the Big Blind Against an Unknown Opponent
13. Jamming Expectation Against a Frequent Button Opener 20bb deep
14. Optimal VPIP Out of Position
15. Big Blind Play Against a Minraise, 10-15bb deep.
Extensions: (9)
16. Correctly Applying “Shove or Fold” Small Blind Endgame Strategy
17. Small Blind Play 11-14bb Deep: Raise, Openshove, Fold, or Limp?
18. Chubokov: How it Helps, and How it Doesn’t
19. Population Tendencies and the Moving Target
20. Underbetting and Overbetting: Theory
21. Underbetting in Practice
22. Overbetting in Practice
23. Calculating Pot Odds and How Often Your Opponent has to Fold to Your Bluff
24. Timing Tells in HUSNGs
The Broader Game: (3)
25. Common Reasons Winning Poker Players Become Unprofitable
26. Preventing and Mitigating Tilt
27. Poker in the Context of the Rest of Your Life
Conclusion: From the Book to the Bank
Издательство: HUSNG
Язык: английский
Число страниц: 65
Качество: электронная книга
Формат: PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x) без защиты

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