The Raiser's Edge by Bertrand Grospellier, Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib and Tony Dunst

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The Raiser's Edge by Bertrand Grospellier, Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib and Tony Dunst

~6.41 МБ [6 716 612 байт]
Год издания: 2011
Название: The Raiser's Edge
Автор: Bertrand Grospellier, Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib and Tony Dunst
Издательство: Huntington Press
How This Book Came About
Part One—General Concepts
1 Evolution of the Game
2 The Metagame
Styles of Play
How to Use the Hyper-LAG Style
How to Defend Against the Hyper-LAG Style
Ranges and Pot Control
3 Having a Plan
4 Hand Reading
External Factors
Internal Factors
Part Two—Tournament Play
5 Early-Stage Play (No Antes, First 3 Levels)
Playing Against Tight Opponents
Identifying and Exploiting
Weaknesses and Tendencies
Identifying and Countering Raises on Dry Flops for Information
Leading on the Flop and Turn
6 Playing the Flop
Hands with Flopping Value
Playing Difficult Flops
Continuation Bets (C-Bets)
Positional Play
7 Pot Control
Controlling the Pot Pre-Flop
Pot Control on the Flop
Pot Control on the Turn
8 Monitoring Your Image
How To Use Your Image
Big Calls and Big Folds
Fighting for Control of the Table
9 Bluffing
Picking Your Opponent
Bluffing Opportunities
Picking Off Bluffs
10 Min-Raises
Flop Min-Raises
Turn Min-Raises
River Min-Raises
11 Mid-Stage Play (Antes to Bubble)
100 BB and Above
75 to 100 BB
50 to 75 BB
40 to 50 BB
30 to 40 BB
25 to 30 BB
18 to 25 BB
13 to 17 BB
12 BB and Under
Example of Adjustments Based on Stack Sizes
12 Equilibrium Solutions for 3- and 4-Betting
The Truth About Equilibrium Strategies
Equilibrium 3- and 4-Betting
Changing Stack Sizes,
Raise Sizes, and the Ante
Changing Position and Tournament Pressures
Bringing It All Together—Equilibrium Solutions
Enough with the Computers—Exploitive Solutions
The Incredible 3-Bet/4-Bet Push Charts
13 Advanced Tournament Concepts
Raising, 3-Betting, and 4-Betting Pre-Flop
Advanced Moves for the Current Aggressive Game
14 Final Table
Studying Your Opponents
Before the Final Table
The Final Table Prize Pool
15 Heads-Up (HU)
Relative Stack Sizes
16 Heads-Up Equilibrium Solutions with 20 BB and 15 BB
Part Three—Considerations
17 Live Versus Online: Live Players’ Weaknesses
Live-Tournament Adjustments for Online Players
Online-Tournament Adjustments for Live Players
18 Stop the Presses:
The Latest in Online Poker Trends
Appendix I: Tells
The Basics of Lying and Bluffing
Gestures of Confidence and Insecurity
Universal Gestures
Open-Hand/Clasped-Hand Gestures
Insecurity Gestures
Hand and Thumb Gestures
The Most Common Lying Gestures
Evaluative Gestures
How To Practice
Online Tells
Appendix II: Detailed Mathematical Hand Analysis
About the Authors
Язык: английский
Число страниц: 161
Качество: электронная книга [Kindle Rip]
Формат: PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x) без защиты

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Re: The Raiser's Edge by Bertrand Grospellier, Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib and Tony Dunst

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Вторую книгу подряд покупаю и следом же она здесь появляется) беда
книга хорошая, лучше чем в ней, нынешние тенденции нигде не расписаны на данный момент
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