Phil Gordon's Little Gold Book

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Phil Gordon's Little Gold Book

~4.72 МБ [4 950 188 байт]
Год издания: 2011
Название: Phil Gordon's Little Gold Book: Advanced Lessons for Mastering Poker 2.0
Автор: Phil Gordon
Издательство: Gallery Books
Foundations of Poker 2.0
Standard Range Notation
Standard Position Notation
Fundamental Mathematics
Range Combinatorics
Range Combinatorics After Card Removal
Expected Value
Combined Probabilities
Exploitable, Unexploitable, Exploitative
Balance in Game Theory
Balance in Practice
Poker 2.0 Toolkit
Heads Up Displays (HUDs)
HUD Stats
Pitfalls of a HUD
HUD Options
HUDs for Live Players
Range and Simulation
No Limit Hold’em 2.0
Pre-Flop Ranges Table
Range vs. Range
Pre-Flop Play
Pre-Flop Fundamentals
New Steal Positions
Beware of the Short Stacks
Calling a Pre-Flop Raise
Three-Bet Defense
Top 40% Rule
Giving Up
Cold Four-Bets
Squeezes—Fish and Chip Sandwich Revisited
Reverse Squeezes
Effect of Folded Hands on BB Hand Quality
Gordon’s A-X Rule
Gordon’s Pair Principle
Flop Play
Post-Flop Questions
Post-Flop Range Analysis
Opponent Analysis
Make a Plan
Checking Back
Responding to a Continuation-Bet
Donk Betting
Turn Play
Ranges Narrow
Turn Bets
Turn Questions
Parched Boards
High and Dry Boards
Wet Boards, Boards with Draws
Paired Turns
River Play
Calling a River Bet
Empty the Clip
Pot Limit Omaha 1.0
PLO Basics
Combinatorial Explosion
Pre-Flop Hand Rankings
The Excellent
The Good
The Mediocre
The Ugly
The Worst
Pre-Flop Play
Pre-Flop Fundamentals
Equities Are Very Close
Very Little Stealing
Heads Up vs. Multi-Way Hands
Importance of Position
Thoughts on AAXX
Thoughts on KKXX
Thoughts on QQXX, JJXX, TTXX, 99XX
Thoughts on Rundowns
Thoughts on Mediocre, Unpaired Hands
Thoughts on Trash Hands
Three-Bet Defense
Cold Calling a Three-Bet
Reverse Squeezes
Tournament Play Pre-Flop
Flop Play
Visualize the Turn
Behind with the Nuts
Folding the Nuts
Wraps and Straight Draws
Checking Back
Donk Betting
The Power of the Naked Ace
Small Sets
Big Stacks
Locked-Down Boards
Turn Play
13 Outs, Turn Equilibrium
Keep Range Uncapped
Nuts, Still Behind
Ace-High Boards
Barreling Away
River Play
Check-Raise More
Induce Bluffs
Polarized Ranges
Small Bets
Hero Folds
Bankroll Requirements
Meta-Game Considerations
Polarized Game Types
Game Selection
Big Pot vs. Small Pot Poker
Big Pot Poker
Small Pot Poker
Taking a Shot at Higher Stakes
Zero to Hero—Building a Bankroll Online
The Whiz Kids
Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond
Pot Limit Omaha Cash Games
Learning PLO from Phil Galfond
Get More Phil Galfond
Annette “annette15” Obrestad
Playing Lessons with Annette
Dan “jungleman12” Cates
Make More Money
Heads Up
Playing Lesson
Hand Examples
No Limit Hold’em Cash Games
Realizing Equity
Barreling Away
Floating to the River
Crippling the Flop
Leveling and Inducing Bluffs
Getting Value Against a Tight-Passive Player
Trapping a LAGtard
Barreling with Improved Equity
Giving a LAGtard Perceived Fold Equity
Defending Against a Smart LAG
Three-Betting Thinly for Value
Adjusting Ranges and Exploiting Regulars
Triple-Barrel Bluffing a Calling Station
Getting Leveled
Ranging Donk Bets
PLO Hands
Aces on a Dry Flop
Making Good Folds
Folding Top Two!
Bluffing with Blockers
Locked-Down Board in a Multi-Way Pot
Deep-Stack PLO
Final Thoughts
Phil’s Other Works
Язык: английский
Число страниц: 156
Качество: электронная книга [Kindle Rip]
Формат: PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x) без защиты

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