Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Volume I by Jeff Hwang

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Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Volume I by Jeff Hwang

~1.83 МБ [1 921 323 байт]
Год издания: 2009
Название: Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Volume I Small Ball and Short-Handed Play
Автор: Jeff Hwang
Издательство: Dimat Enterprises, Inc.
Part I: Floating
The Basic Floats
The Combo Float
The Re-Steal Float
The Reverse Float
Calling vs. Raising
Anatomy of the Call: Draw Equity vs. Float Equity
Part II: Advanced Concepts
Thinking About the Game Correctly
Following Through: The Betting Machine
The Stack-to-Pot Ratio (SPR)
Conceptualizing SPR: Heads Up Action After the Flop
SPR Considerations: The Table
Using SPR: Practice Situations
Deep Stack Leverage
What Constitutes a Deep Stack? The Third Bet.
The Positional Disadvantage vs. The Positional Advantage
The Positional Advantage: The Ambiguity of the Bet
The Nut Flush Draw
The Pivot Card
Part III: Advanced Skills
The Bluff Raise
3-Betting After the Flop (Without the Nuts)
Value-Betting the River
The Chapter on Bluffing
Picking Off Bluffs
Part IV: Small Ball
The Small Ball Approach
Small Ball: Post-Flop Play
Small Ball: Holding Q♠ T♦ 9♠ 5♣
Small Ball: Starting Hand Considerations
Targeting Opponents
Big Blind vs. Small Blind Confrontations
Playing from the Mississippi Straddle
Playing Against the Blinds: Open Limping vs. Blind Stealing
Playing With the Initiative: After the Flop
Small Ball: Final Thoughts
Special Insert: The Pre-Flop Initiative: Myth vs. Reality
Part V: 3-Betting Before the Flop
The Pump and Shove (Maniac/Low-SPR Play)
Isolation Play (Tactical/Deep Stack Play)
3-Betting for Isolation: Key Concepts
Starting Hand Considerations
C-Betting After 3-Betting Pre-Flop
The Clearout: The Limp Re-Raise Isolation Play
3-Betting Before the Flop: Hand Walkthroughs
Final Thoughts: 3-Betting vs. Small Ball
Part VI: Short-Handed Play
Short-Handed Play vs. Full-Ring Play, and PLO vs. NLHE
The 5 Biggest Mistakes Average Players Make
Short-Handed Play: 128 Hand Walkthroughs
Part VII: Managing Your Bankroll and Yourself
The Bankroll Issue
The Bankroll Schedule
Moving Up Too Fast
The Biggest Bankroll Killer: The Heater
Staying in School
Poker as a Career
Part VIII: Miscellaneous Topics
Technical Skills vs. Poker Skills: Full-Ring vs. Short-Handed Games
Good Players vs. Bad Players
Profiling Errors
Playing With Idiots
The Mississippi Straddle
Game Selection in Live Play
Seat Selection
The Evolution of the Game
Part IX: Growing the Game of the Future
PokerTek, Excalibur, and the PLO Revolution
Why the Games Must Get Smaller
Structuring Small-Stakes PLO Games: General Guidelines
Viable PLO Game Structures
Part X: The Final Session
Closing Thoughts
Язык: английский
Число страниц: 173
Качество: электронная книга [Kindle Rip]
Формат: PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x) без защиты

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